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Plastic description

  • Plastic material classification from the Product Designer perspective

    The enormous variety of different plastic grades and their characteristics is confusing. Which one of the cryptic abbreviations is the right pick for your application? Here is a look at the offering from the Product Designer perspective.  What do we expect from the end product and therefore also

  • PA6/PA66 - properties, experiences and useful links

    The members of the polyamide family are coded with cryptic extensions like 6, 11, 12, 66, 46 and 69. The numbers describe the type and number of polymer chains in their chemical structure. This approach, the normal practice in the industry, is not very user-friendly from the product designer’s

  • POM - properties, experiences and useful links

    POM is known for its good fatigue/creep resistance, low friction and good performance in cold temperature. But the key characteristics of POM have been posted in several web pages already, so instead of posting them yet again I rather recommend a few good links. As a source of information for the

  • Impact Resistance - tips for plastic material selection

    Either I am dumb or the Izod and Charpy values expressed on the datasheets are confusing, but I have never been able to utilize them in practise. Apart from the units being sometimes in J/m and sometimes in J/m2, the tests are conducted in circumstances that are not particularly realistic in terms

  • Plastic products and Impact Resistance

    When my wife dropped her old cell phone from the balcony to the concrete-paved yard, the phone took a few bounces and distributed itself then in several pieces around it. That was it, I thought. But as we collected the pieces, snapped them together and turned the power on, the phone worked

  • Toughness - an unutilized material property

    If you throw a rubber bone to a dog, it will try its best to rip it apart. But no matter how much energy the dog consumes, the bone survives the treatment. This is because it is made of tough material. In physical terms, toughness is the ability of the material to absorb energy before rupturing.

  • How strong is plastic really?

    “Modern polymers are stronger than steel”. This is a frequent article claim. Is it true?