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PA6 - What does the Plasticprop sample tell you about the material?


The sample leads to the following conclusions:

  • The surface gloss is excellent; in this respect, PA is even comparable to amorphous plastics. PA 6 is an especially glossy PA grade.
  • The sample is very straight and the corner effect moderate. PA 6 is also easy to process, although this is a feature common to all polyamides.
  • The integral hinge can be utilized. PA is used for making cable ties, for example.
  • When knocking on the edge of a PA sample and then on the edge of a PBT or ABS sample, the sounds are close to each other by pitch. If a PA sample is soaked in warm water for a couple of hours and the test is repeated, the sound will be substantially lower. The stiffness of PA has decreased due to water absorption. A person with sensitive fingertips can even feel the difference.
  • The sample is virtually sink mark free even next to the thickest of ribs.
  • Even the roughest spark-eroded surface has suffered very little from mould opening.

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