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Together, we can make your plastic product functional, durable, attractive and easy to process.
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Here are some examples of topics I can help you with:

What type of plastic is best suited for my application?
How can I ensure my design is manufacturable?
How do I test if my design is strong enough?
How can I optimize the wall thickness?
Do I need a draft angle, and how much?
Will my product withstand the expected environmental conditions?
Are there alternative plastics that could reduce costs?
How can I achieve the desired visual appeal for the logo?
Can I utilize 2K moulding?
Will my integral hinge work?
Can I make my product more sustainable?
How can I test the fatigue resistance of my product?
What are my options if I want my product to be transparent?
Is 3D printing an alternative to injection moulding in my case?
How can I efficiently prototype my design?
Is there a way to reduce mould cost?

As long as it pertains to thermoplastics and injection moulding.
The first advice comes for free. I'll tell you the direction I would take in your position.
I'm dedicated to taking the next step together and offering top-notch services tailored to your requirements.
I will provide you with the price and timeline based on the specific circumstances.

I do understand that product development projects are secret and sensitive. You also can choose to remain anonymous.

"But how will I receive my reply?" you may wonder.

You'll find a temporary link with your your alias/nickname at the bottom of this page within a few days. The link accessible only by using the password you set when submitting your question.

Whichever way you want to proceed, the conversation between you and me stays confidential.