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Plastic material classification from the Product Designer perspective

The enormous variety of different plastic grades and their characteristics is confusing. Which one of the cryptic abbreviations is the right pick for your application?

Here is a look at the offering from the Product Designer perspective. 

What do we expect from the end product and therefore also from the material?


I hope you found this usefull!

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Thank you for reading,

Markus Paloheimo, Managing Editor,

  • Markus Paloheimo (Ms.Sc) is a Product Designer with two decades of experience in the field of functional consumer and industrial products. His specific area of expertise and source of enthusiasm is injection molded plastic products. Markus Paloheimo is in LinkedIn.


Hello! Thank you very much for the information you provide on your site. Very much appreciated. How much would it cost to have one of your sample kits shipped to Toronto Canada? Please let me know. Thanks! Jason LeBlanc
Hello Jason, Shipping cost to Canada is about 45 USD.

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