What is Plasticprop material sample?

“The Plasticprop collection of plastic samples was set off by my daily need to assess and compare different plastics in practise. The Plasticprop Essentials contains 20 plastic samples with different characteristics. The set covers a wide range of materials that are commonly used in consumer goods, packaging, kitchen utensils, sporting equipment, vehicles and electronics. A few samples of high-performance and TPE grades are also included.”

Markus Paloheimo

Plasticprop Essentials sample kit gives you tangible information of the following plastic grades:

  1. POM
  2. PA6
  3. PBT
  4. ABS
  5. PC/ABS
  6. PS
  7. PMMA
  8. PC
  9. PSU
  10. PP, Random Copolymer
  11. HDPE
  12. LDPE
  13. EVA
  14. PVC, soft
  15. TPE-S
  16. PP+30 GF
  17. PA66+30 GF
  18. PBT+30 GF
  19. pPA+50 GF
  20. PPS+40 GF