The common reinforced semi-crystalline high-performance plastics include PPA+GF, PEEK+GF, and PPS+GF. Their mechanical qualities are good, but they are still within the same performance range with basic engineering plastics. The advantage of high-performance plastics is their ability to retain those qualities in considerably higher temperatures, 150 °C and above. Their chemical resistance is also excellent and many of the materials are self-extinguishing.

Amorphous high-performance plastics, such as PSU, PES and PEI are available glass-reinforced as well. They are strong and rigid, but more importantly, dimensionally accurate, resistant to hydrolysis, and offer good electrical insulation.

The most common reinforcement material in plastics is glass fiber. In high-performance plastics, carbon fiber is not rare, either.

In this section, you can find the following reinforced high-performance plastics:


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